About Us

Secutrack Security Services Limited (SSSL) was established with an aim of providing comprehensive security using an integrated security approach.

The company is locally incorporated with local directors and we are able to provide security to all. We are proud of our skilled staff with vast experience in various fields in security industry.

We are staffed with well trained and grounded experts in security management with extensive experience in criminology, keenly selected, vetted and thoroughly trained with an aim of producing guards who are able to meet challenges in the security industry. We also have modern communication facilities.

We know that our clients put a huge value to the security of their lives and property and our company is committed to achieving this pertinent goal. As an entrenched security company, we feel that we can readily meet your needs because of our experience in the security guarding field and a committed team that we have painstakingly built, maintained and motivated over the years.

We therefore are capable of manning such assignments as residential places, commercial and company premises, industries, churches, hotels, hostels, various types of events and any other security task which might arise.

Our charges are very reasonable. You will not regret engaging us as your security service provider.


Our Vision

To provide consistent, prompt, efficient and effective high-quality security services to the satisfaction of the client.

Our Mission

To be the market leader in the provision of security services by investing prerequisite resources, undertaking research and promptly responding to clients’ needs.

Our Core Values

  • Discipline: We believe that in order to provide high quality security services discipline by all personnel MUST be upheld at all time
  • Professionalism: We will always uphold the highest professionalism in providing security services to our clients.  Hence, we will invest in staffs that have relevant and necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience in the security service industry.
  • Integrity: We always strive to do what is right for our clients. Ethics, fairness, honesty and high integrity are the cornerstone of our company.
  • Quality: We are committed to providing high quality services to our clients by training, attracting developing and retaining the best personnel and engaging the best practices in the market.
  • Team Work: We believe in teamwork in order to maximize the different talents knowledge and experience from our staffs in the interest of our clients.
  • Community: We believe that we are part of the community we work in and therefore will always liaise with the residents therein and other stake holders for provision of maximum-security services.

Our Partners

  • Tililbei Water and Sanitation Company Ltd. (Kericho County)
  • New Muthaiga Shopping Mall
  • Regent Management Ltd.
  • Villa Care Management Ltd.
  • Revlon Professional Plaza CBD
  • Gemini Properties Ltd.
  • Fine Wood Works Ltd.
  • Mohammed Azizi Apartment
  • Many Private Residences
  • Crescent Apartments
  • Chambers Apartments
  • Topace Studio Apartment
  • Bijami Court