Guard Services

The guards assigned to a specific client are specially selected to meet the client’ specific needs. Additional training is provided at no extra cost to ensure the guards meet the requirements.


Dog Services

For Clients who wish to secure dog services over and above the guard services, Secutrack Security offers mature and well-trained dogs. The company provides dogs which come with a dog handler.


Security Systems & Services

Secutrack Security Services Ltd. provides to the public and private sector another range of security systems and services. They include walk-through scanners, and other access control equipment.


Security Audit

At the request of client’s company an assessment of the existing security services to identify the strengths and weakness and give recommendations.


Specialist Services

Secutrack Security Services Ltd. has also designed packages at reasonable charges for specialized security services.


Private Investigations

The company has experienced personnel to conduct investigations into various and circumstances that are not clear. These include, loss of property.


Consultancy Services

Our experts in the security industry advice clients on the various issues brought up. This is done with a participatory approach where the client or/and his agent are active players in the evaluation.


Tracking Services

We provide asset tracking services. Our tracking system provides real-time information on the location of asset together with alerts to the owner’s mobile phone via an android or iOS application.